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      Quality Control

At Solis, we implement continuous quality control through every step of the design and construction process. Quality control is overseen by quality control managers who report directly to management, allowing for complete independence and honesty. We use a formal three-phase quality control plan, consisting of the Preparatory Phase, the Initial Phase and the Follow-up Phase.
Preparatory Phase:
Preparatory meetings are convened prior to commencement of a feature of work, but not until all required submittals are approved, required mock ups are approved (when required), an activity hazard analysis specific to the work being performed is reviewed, and any preparatory work affecting the feature of work is completed.

Initial Phase:
Initial inspections occur at the beginning of features of work when a sufficient quantity of work is in place to verify contract compliance, adequacy of controls, inspection/testing and a minimum level of acceptable workmanship. During an initial inspection, the quality control manager may determine an additional preparatory meeting is required if a trade does not appear to understand the requirements of a feature of work (quality of workmanship, controls or safety).  

Follow-Up Phase:

The Follow-Up Phase is an ongoing documented quality control function confirming the continued compliance with acceptable criteria established in the Initial Phase. These checks continue through acceptance inspection and/or testing. All deficiencies and corrections are documented by the quality control staff on a daily basis.
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and prevent mistakes and delays.

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